UFC Betting Lines

Every time a UFC event rolls around, you will be able to do a lot more than just watch the fights and see two guys beat each other senseless. Due to the creation of online sportsbooks, you will have the ability to start wagering on the various fights taking place in the UFC, both on big ticket events and smaller events. While betting on the UFC is a very esoteric, there are plenty of betting sites where you can lay odds on the various fights. In the event that you do not understand how to wager on these fights, you will see that we have a brief explanation of the odds, types of bets, and where you will find the different bets that are available.

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Types of UFC Betting Lines

The main type of wager you will find in the UFC is that of lines on which fighter will actually win. This is a straight up bet, a bet on which fighter will actually win the fight. You will be presented with odds on each fighter. If you do not understand how to read UFC betting odds, the lower the number, especially if it is in the negatives, is the favored fighter in the contest. The favorite does not pay as much as the underdog, but it is the fighter that is expected to win going into the event. If a sportsbook hosts odds on the UFC, then there is no way that these straight up bets will be left out.

UFC Prop Bets

The other type of bet you can find in the UFC is that of proposition bets. These proposition bets will allow you to wager on the different circumstances surrounding the actual events, such as how many rounds the fight will last, how the match will be won, and even which fighter will take the first hit. So in addition to betting on who will win the event, you can also decide to place a wager on how they will win, what round in which they will win, and even who will make the first attack. These betting odds can even be parlayed with who will win the event straight up, which ultimately leads to higher winnings, especially if you know exactly how to take advantage of the odds.

Top UFC Sportsbooks

Each sportsbook we have listed here hosts bets on UFC. Every UFC event is covered by these sportsbooks, be it a major event or a minor one. In the event that you decide to look at these sportsbooks you will be able to experience some of the highest paying odds, easy bonuses, and secure transactions. We have tested out each of these sportsbooks personally in order to assure security for our bettors. Through some of these betting sites we have even found that there are more fighting sports available than solely the UFC. You will also see that Strikeforce, Bellator and PRIDE Fighting can also be found by way of some of these sports betting sites. Regardless, the UFC odds are those that you will primarily find through our preferred betting sites.

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Bodog is the main sportsbook we have found for all forms of MMA betting, with a primary focus on UFC. They also run odds on the various other MMA events, including Strikeforce, Bellator and Pride Fighting alike. Bodog has given their users some of the most generous odds, with higher payouts than most other betting sites. They boast a 10% unlimited match bonus, which will give you an unlimited amount of money to play with based on the amount you actually deposit. Bodog accepts MyPayLinq, VISA and wire transfers, which makes for some of the fastest deposits on the market. Bodog is easily the best sportsbook we have ever seen, and we can tell you that they will never lead you to harm.

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BetOnline is so committed to the UFC lines that you will find nothing but these odds when it comes to MMA wagering. These UFC betting lines will prove to be some of the highest paying on the market, with even favored fighters making a fairly significant amount of money. BetOnline will get you started with one of the bigger bonuses - a 25% match to $900. This bonus is one of the largest we have seen, and it can be used on every deposit you make. BetOnline has easy deposits by way of VISA cards, e-checks and wire transfers, making it one of the faster sports betting sites on the market. With UFC betting lines on every event, BetOnline provides their players with a way to participate in eveyr fight that takes places.